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Lastest Auditor Changes

Company Name Domicile Engagement Start New Auditor Previous Auditor
Association VINEA Sierre 26.09.2023 Fiduciaire FIDAG SA, succursale de Sion, Sion Compta-Conseils, Louis Tschopp, Sierre
Fondation Chantal Caray Cologny 26.09.2023 CF Audit & Consulting SA, Lugano New Audit SA in liquidazione, Mezzovico-Vira
Gstaad Menuhin Festival & Academy AG Saanen 26.09.2023 T & R Oberland AG, Lenk Henchoz Treuhand AG, Saanen
ETANCHEITE CAMELIQUE SA Gibloux 26.09.2023 guggiari gestion sàrl, Villars-sur-Glâne Berney Associés Fribourg SA, Fribourg
Boegli Kramp Architectes SA Fribourg 26.09.2023 axalta Revisionen AG, Düdingen Fiduconsult Fribourg SA, Fribourg
Stutz & Co AG Wädenswil 26.09.2023 Budliger Treuhand AG, Zürich Treuhandgesellschaft Hebeisen Kälin AG, Zürich
Fondation Alphonse Carfagni Genève 26.09.2023 Société fiduciaire d'Expertise et de Revision SA, Genève ECHO SA, Genève
REBAG DATA AG Horgen 26.09.2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich Eltschinger & Partner AG, Thalwil
OPEN MINERAL AG Baar 26.09.2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich Buchhaltungs- und Revisions - AG, Zug
Breu, Holzbau AG Oberegg Oberegg 26.09.2023 Juen Treuhand GmbH, St. Gallen Bleichenbacher + Steiger Treuhand AG, St. Gallen
Business IT AG Basel 26.09.2023 BDO AG, Zürich Streicher & Brotschin Revision AG, Basel
Second Spectrum Sàrl Lausanne 26.09.2023 BDO SA, Epalinges Fiduciaire FIDAG SA, Martigny
Transports publics fribourgeois Infrastructure (TPF INFRA) SA Givisiez 25.09.2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Neuchâtel MAZARS SA, Fribourg
GradeSens SA Fribourg 25.09.2023 Véronique Dupré Fiduciaire SA, Fribourg CORE Fiduciaire Revicor SA, Fribourg
ADIENNE SA Lugano 25.09.2023 PKF CERTIFICA SA, Lugano Ernst & Young AG, Lugano
Hipp Holding AG Sachseln 25.09.2023 BDO AG, Solothurn Ernst & Young AG, Zürich
Hipp Schweiz AG Sachseln 25.09.2023 BDO AG, Solothurn Ernst & Young AG, Zürich
INPHER Sàrl Ecublens (VD) 25.09.2023 MOORE STEPHENS REFIDAR SA, Lausanne PricewaterhouseCoopers SA, Genève
vélocité Sàrl Lausanne 25.09.2023 Fiduciaire Saugy S.A., Lausanne Fiduconsult Lausanne SA, Lausanne
Polla AG Maur 25.09.2023 perblo gmbh, Gampel-Bratsch Schweizerische Treuhandgesellschaft (Revision) AG, Zürich

Evolution of the Swiss Audit Market

The chart depicts the evolution of active limited companies (AG, SA) and limited liability companies (GmbH, Sàrl) and shows how many of them have a statutory auditor. The decline is strongly related to the possibility of an opting-out for companies with up to ten employees which was introduced in 2008. At the same time, the number of new company registrations has increased significantly over the last years, thus reducing the audit rate for limited companies and limited liability companies from around 64% in 2005 to currently less than 20%.