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Lastest Auditor Changes

Company Name Domicile Engagement Start New Auditor Previous Auditor
Vinivia AG Zug 23.03.2023 BDO AG, Zürich PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zug
Walter Buchmann AG Zürich 23.03.2023 Curia AG, Chur Caminada Treuhand AG Zürich, Zürich
BEXSOL SA Riva San Vitale 23.03.2023 PLURIAUDIT SA, Lugano REVIGROUP LUGANO SA, Lugano
DM Bau AG Oberriet (SG) 23.03.2023 Gasser Wepf & Partner AG, Meilen PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, St. Gallen
Molkerei Neff AG Wald (ZH) 23.03.2023 Revision Schwab AG, Murten KMU Treuhand und Revisions AG, Schübelbach
Stiftung "Im Grünen" Münchenstein 23.03.2023 Ernst & Young AG, Basel PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Basel
Guy Gaudard SA Lausanne 23.03.2023 Fidexaudit révision SA, Lausanne BFF & Associés SA, Lausanne
cm plus sa Lugano 23.03.2023 PKF CERTIFICA SA, Lugano REVIGROUP LUGANO SA, Lugano
HFS Helvetic Financial Services AG Freienbach 23.03.2023 Audit Suisse AG, St. Gallen Ernst & Young AG, Zürich
Alco SA Chavannes-près-Renens 22.03.2023 Prateo SA, Pully Ernst & Young SA, Lausanne
Berg & Bett Betriebs AG Wildhaus-Alt St. Johann 22.03.2023 Ledergerber Revisions GmbH, Gossau (SG) MISolutions AG, Oberriet (SG)
Tobelhof Gastronomie AG Zürich 22.03.2023 Audit Suisse AG, St. Gallen Trigema AG, Zürich
BESFID SA Lugano 22.03.2023 Newgest SA, Lugano REVIGROUP LUGANO SA, Lugano
MAGIZAN SA Lausanne 22.03.2023 MG Conseils Sàrl, Lausanne Fiduciaire Saugy S.A., Lausanne
Häni Bauunternehmung AG Emmen 22.03.2023 VATAR AG, Luzern Balmer-Etienne AG, Luzern
SI Rue du Loup 10 SA, en liquidation Genève 22.03.2023 GF Audit SA Genève, Carouge, Carouge (GE) CONSILIO SA, Carouge (GE)
Albert Tamberchi Foundation Zürich 22.03.2023 Arimec Audit AG, Suhr apt audit gmbh, Suhr
Helly Hansen (Schweiz) AG Opfikon 22.03.2023 Deloitte AG, Zürich Ernst & Young AG, Zürich
Zahnmedizin Milani AG Muri bei Bern 22.03.2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich ENGEL COPERA AG, Köniz
Meier Tobler Group AG Schwerzenbach 22.03.2023 PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Zürich Ernst & Young AG, Zürich

Evolution of the Swiss Audit Market

The chart depicts the evolution of active limited companies (AG, SA) and limited liability companies (GmbH, Sàrl) and shows how many of them have a statutory auditor. The decline is strongly related to the possibility of an opting-out for companies with up to ten employees which was introduced in 2008. At the same time, the number of new company registrations has increased significantly over the last years, thus reducing the audit rate for limited companies and limited liability companies from around 64% in 2005 to currently less than 20%.