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Tria Revisions AG

Core Company Information
Company Name Tria Revisions AG
Company UID CHE-201.526.783
CH-ID CH-400.9.021.842-7
Domicile Cham (ZG)
Legal Form Branch office
Head Office Tria Revisions AG, in Cham (CHE-101.644.241)
Status erased
Firm Inscription Date 25.11.2002
Firm Deletion Date 30.07.2012
Reason for liquidation Andere

This company is a branch office of an auditor.

Information about this company's auditor

This company does not have a statutory auditor.

Meta Information & Actions
Last auditor check 25.01.2019 07:44:54
Last Update of Non-Auditor Information 13.03.2019 19:26:44
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