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Our Offer - The Auditor Database is an information and data analytics service focused on the Swiss statutory audit market. We aggregate the data from the different cantonal commercial registers and turn it into meaningful information that help you understand the market, your clients, your competitors and contribute to ensuring adequate compliance.

The table below summarizes the key features. provides a lot of useful information in the publicly available areas (Free). However, to get access to analyses tailored to your audit firm and unlock the full potential, we recommend our subscription (Basic).

Product Feature
Accurate and up to date information about the statutory auditor of all Swiss firms X X
Fact Sheet with key statistics for all Swiss audit firms X X
Customizable dynamic statistics about the Swiss audit market X X
User account with individual watch list to keep informed about firms and competitors you are interested in   X
Current list of your firm's audit engagements (downloadable, for Microsoft Excel)   X
Interactive charts illustrating the client structure and client evolution for all audit firms   X
Specific analysis of your competitors   X
Extra quality check of the commercial register data related to your audit firm (e.g. your statutory audit engagements)   X
Individuals and their current functions with Swiss firms   X
Reports on the Swiss audit market (e.g. a ranking of Swiss audit firms or listed companies and their statutory auditors)   X
Display of relevant SOGC publications for all Swiss firms (as of 1 June 2019)   X
Periodic digests of relevant SOGC publications via email   X
Your audit firm's contact data (website, phone) on   X

Our database is usually updated with a delay of two working days following the publication in the SOGC (to ensure data quality and consistency). In rare cases, the delay can be a bit longer.

Our Competitive Pricing

Currently, there is only one type of subscription available, Basic. The annual subscription fee depends on the number of audit engagements that an audit firm has (as per the commercial register).

Number of Audit Engagements Special Price
1st Year
Regular Price
as of 2nd year
Up to 100 CHF 149 CHF 199
101 up to 250 CHF 299 CHF 399
251 up to 500 CHF 499 CHF 699
More than 500 on request on request

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Please note that the price is determined based on the number of audit engagements as per our database on the order date. The subscription price refers to a single legal entity (e.g. an audit firm including its branch offices, but excluding any other independent legal entities in the same audit network). When extending the subscription the price is determined based on the number of audit engagements at the time of extension.

The annual subscription fee becomes due with conclusion of the contract. The contract can generally be terminated per the end of the agreed contract duration (i.e. after one year). Under special circumstances and by mutual agreement it can be terminated at an earlier date - which will result in a pro rata repayment of the subscription fee.

The subscription includes one user account. Additional user accounts for the same contract can be purchased for an annual fee of CHF 69.- or CHF 49.- (as of the 11th user account).

By using our services you agree to our terms of service and to our data privacy statement (both available only in German).

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