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Client list for Tria Revisions AG (CHE-101.644.241)

Number of clients: 183
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
A+ Invest AG Altendorf SZ Ltd 04.12.2013 6.60 Cham CHE-142.592.156
Abalis Finance AG Binningen BL Ltd 11.04.2006 14.25 Cham CHE-112.867.710
ABISCAL AG Cham ZG Ltd 31.05.2017 3.11 Cham CHE-107.910.659
Alegro Properties AG Zug ZG Ltd 26.05.2020 0.12 Cham CHE-373.484.428
Alegro Properties Holding AG Zug ZG Ltd 26.05.2020 0.12 Cham CHE-435.821.212
Alex Gemperle AG Hünenberg ZG Ltd 28.04.2011 9.21 Cham CHE-106.914.956
Algobate AG Stansstad NW Ltd 19.09.2011 8.81 Cham CHE-408.466.835
All Trans Holding AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 28.06.2013 7.04 Cham CHE-101.104.660
AllShares AG Freienbach SZ Ltd 06.07.2005 15.02 Cham CHE-109.434.026
ANYbotics AG Zürich ZH Ltd 30.04.2019 1.19 Cham CHE-193.138.454
Araris Biotech AG Zürich ZH Ltd 26.06.2020 0.04 Cham CHE-134.399.290
Atlantic Coal and Bulk SA Lugano TI Ltd 06.12.2019 0.59 Cham CHE-210.286.514
AVA Biochem AG Zug ZG Ltd 01.10.2015 4.78 Cham CHE-169.349.068
AVA Biochem BSL AG Muttenz BL Ltd 17.11.2014 5.65 Cham CHE-489.344.584
AVA-CO2 Schweiz AG Zug ZG Ltd 13.11.2014 5.66 Cham CHE-115.165.509
BBH Network AG Zürich ZH Ltd 03.08.2005 14.94 Cham CHE-101.427.301
Besthold AG Appenzell AI Ltd 29.03.2011 9.29 Cham CHE-112.526.054
C-CIT Sensors AG Binningen BL Ltd 26.05.2020 0.12 Cham CHE-113.781.407
ChromaCon AG Zürich ZH Ltd 22.01.2013 7.47 Cham CHE-113.328.657
Copperbelt AG Zug ZG Ltd 15.01.2015 5.48 Cham CHE-115.266.895
CYCL AG Basel BS Ltd 17.11.2017 2.64 Cham CHE-105.104.831
D.W.F. Holzbau AG Küssnacht (SZ) SZ Ltd 04.10.2017 2.76 Cham CHE-114.914.929
Dasios Immobilien AG Baar ZG Ltd 04.10.2010 9.77 Cham CHE-116.028.453
Deurocos Cosmetic AG Adliswil ZH Ltd 09.09.2008 11.84 Cham CHE-109.054.675
Dinacell International AG Zürich ZH Ltd 15.04.2020 0.23 Cham CHE-165.291.435
Dom Group AG Würenlos AG Ltd 08.12.2014 5.59 Cham CHE-454.371.008
Dr. B.K. Bose Stiftung Zug ZG Foundation 07.07.2020 0.01 Cham CHE-110.182.386
Dr. M. W. und Emma Rapaport Gedenkstiftung Zürich Zürich ZH Foundation 25.07.2008 11.96 Cham CHE-110.408.567
DUALSYSTEMS BIOTECH AG Schlieren ZH Ltd 25.07.2012 7.96 Cham CHE-105.629.890
E. Lutz AG Luzern LU Ltd 24.06.2019 1.04 Cham CHE-101.422.858

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List generated on 09.07.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Tria Revisions AG recorded as statutory auditor: 56.

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