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Client list for MY Fiduciaire SA (CHE-103.526.003)

Number of clients: 20
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Architram architecture et urbanisme SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 26.04.2021 26.04.2021 Prilly CHE-105.976.222
Automobiles Milliet SA Crissier VD Ltd 30.11.2020 08.12.2020 Prilly CHE-347.436.783
Baumberger & Fils S.A. Lausanne VD Ltd 19.11.1998 09.12.2009 Prilly CHE-107.036.057
Bernard Martin S.A. Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne VD Ltd 09.04.1998 25.11.2009 Prilly CHE-106.881.133
Boulangerie & Pâtisserie du Léman SA Prilly VD Ltd 20.02.2020 20.02.2020 Prilly CHE-473.086.790
F. & E. Felli S.A. en liquidation concordataire Vevey VD Ltd 28.11.1994 20.12.2011 Prilly CHE-101.662.641
FF Formation Fiduciaire SA Lausanne VD Ltd 28.05.2015 26.11.2019 Prilly CHE-409.323.977
Fondation culturelle des Sourds Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne VD Foundation 09.06.2021 09.06.2021 Prilly CHE-101.826.061
Fondation Jeanne Kunkler Romanel-sur-Lausanne VD Foundation 09.05.2012 27.04.2021 Prilly CHE-110.380.058
Fondation René et Berthe Périllard Lausanne VD Foundation 19.07.2018 04.07.2019 Prilly CHE-110.406.611
Fondation Sainte Lydia Lausanne VD Foundation 16.06.2020 16.06.2020 Prilly CHE-376.429.779
Garden Centre de Lavaux SA Lutry VD Ltd 11.01.2013 21.12.2020 Prilly CHE-191.931.826
Glaces Veneta Sàrl Lausanne VD LLC 08.02.2019 08.02.2019 Prilly CHE-108.696.291
Instrumat AG Renens (VD) VD Ltd 10.08.2012 10.08.2012 Prilly CHE-106.083.261
JTAM Holding SA Châtel-Saint-Denis FR Ltd 30.07.2015 19.10.2020 Prilly CHE-478.399.782
L'Artisan Glacier SA Lutry VD Ltd 08.02.2019 27.05.2021 Prilly CHE-114.480.144
Milliet S.A. Crissier VD Ltd 25.10.1999 19.05.2021 Prilly CHE-105.126.525
The Paloma Picasso and Eric Thevenet Foundation Lausanne VD Foundation 02.09.2009 12.04.2018 Prilly CHE-110.442.133
U. Ries & Fils S.A. Servion VD Ltd 25.05.2004 09.12.2009 Prilly CHE-105.761.762
VALGAZ SA Bière VD Ltd 16.12.1998 08.09.2020 Prilly CHE-107.461.147

List generated on 26.09.2021. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have MY Fiduciaire SA recorded as statutory auditor: 29.