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Client list for Copartner Revision AG (CHE-107.423.224)

Number of clients: 305
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
"Johann Wolfgang von Goethe-Stiftung" Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Basel BS LLC 13.01.2016 4.49 Basel CHE-102.509.189
"Zum Steblin" Immobilien AG Basel BS Ltd 09.07.2014 6.01 Basel CHE-102.388.307
21Shares AG Zug ZG Ltd 02.08.2018 1.94 Basel CHE-347.562.100
A. Rüedi AG Amden SG Ltd 17.07.2019 0.98 Basel CHE-101.396.422
AFRICAN CATS & CONSERVATION Foundation Basel BS Foundation 26.06.2008 12.04 Basel CHE-110.413.456
Alance AG Basel BS Ltd 21.02.2018 2.38 Basel CHE-110.154.036
Alfred und Gertrud Bernays-Richard Stiftung Basel BS Foundation 03.01.2018 2.52 Basel CHE-101.877.667
ALPENBECK AG Reinach (BL) BL Ltd 03.07.2015 5.02 Basel CHE-109.852.033
Alpha Foundation Zug ZG Foundation 24.06.2020 0.04 Basel CHE-130.211.306
Amadeus Holding AG in Liquidation Dornach SO Ltd 01.02.2008 12.44 Basel CHE-114.050.370
AMER Schifffahrt AG Birsfelden BL Ltd 23.11.2016 3.63 Basel CHE-294.905.286
Amicitia-Haus AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 25.07.2008 11.96 Basel CHE-102.204.755
Arcmedia AG Luzern LU Ltd 03.11.2010 9.69 Basel CHE-102.013.787
ARENAE Consulting AG Zürich ZH Ltd 10.10.2008 11.75 Basel CHE-101.361.381
AudioRent Clair AG Aesch (BL) BL Ltd 16.12.2003 16.58 Basel CHE-108.014.489
B Train AG Basel BS Ltd 11.01.2018 2.49 Basel CHE-345.004.007
BALETEC AG Münchenstein BL Ltd 26.02.1998 22.38 Basel CHE-104.207.500
Balz Bar GmbH Basel BS LLC 06.01.2020 0.51 Basel CHE-444.179.314
Bard International AG Allschwil BL Ltd 05.02.2019 1.42 Basel CHE-132.869.652
Basler Münster Stiftung Basel BS Foundation 19.02.2008 12.39 Basel CHE-110.399.388
Basler Stiftung für experimentelle Zoologie Basel BS Foundation 23.11.2006 13.64 Basel CHE-112.525.327
Basler Zeitung hilft Not lindern Basel BS Foundation 20.08.2015 4.89 Basel CHE-100.662.911
BauTech Personal AG Basel BS Ltd 21.11.2019 0.63 Basel CHE-109.438.395
BCP Business Consulting Partner AG Basel BS Ltd 26.03.2004 16.30 Basel CHE-106.298.123
Behrend Gebäudetechnik AG Basel BS Ltd 17.11.2004 15.65 Basel CHE-105.207.804
Beizgenossenschaft Hirscheneck Basel BS Cooperative 17.07.2017 2.98 Basel CHE-103.977.966
Berest Plus AG Luzern LU Ltd 10.02.2014 6.41 Basel CHE-303.339.040
Beschle AG in Liquidation Basel BS Ltd 06.08.2014 5.93 Basel CHE-112.329.559
Bianco Gipsergeschäft AG Basel BS Ltd 10.09.2014 5.83 Basel CHE-109.703.746
Bodenschatz AG Allschwil BL Ltd 26.10.2009 10.71 Basel CHE-105.973.838

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List generated on 09.07.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Copartner Revision AG recorded as statutory auditor: 94.

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