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Client list for TREHAG Treuhand St. Gallen AG (CHE-107.891.789)

Number of clients: 62
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Aeberhard Spenglerei AG, Berg Berg (TG) TG Ltd 10.01.2011 9.51 St. Gallen CHE-107.484.154
Apotheke im Rheinpark Rogenmoser AG St. Margrethen SG Ltd 15.04.2013 7.25 St. Gallen CHE-105.826.060
Art of Technology AG Zürich ZH Ltd 08.09.2008 11.85 St. Gallen CHE-105.266.600
ASK CHEMICALS GREMOLITH AG Kirchberg (SG) SG Ltd 03.11.1993 26.71 St. Gallen CHE-102.993.299
Auto Welt von Rotz AG Münchwilen (TG) TG Ltd 26.09.2013 6.80 St. Gallen CHE-112.180.257
Auto-Center von Rotz AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 17.09.2013 6.82 St. Gallen CHE-105.699.726
Bischoff AG für Schule und Büro Wil (SG) SG Ltd 05.11.2018 1.69 St. Gallen CHE-106.042.635
Bonsaver Mode AG Arbon TG Ltd 27.01.2005 15.47 St. Gallen CHE-105.953.540
CCD Holding AG Feusisberg SZ Ltd 31.08.1999 20.88 St. Gallen CHE-102.547.712
Cerevisia St. Gallen AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 18.11.2016 3.65 St. Gallen CHE-103.477.959
Copy- und Druck- CSC AG, Wil Wil (SG) SG Ltd 03.12.1992 27.63 St. Gallen CHE-106.291.948
Dold AG Wallisellen ZH Ltd 26.11.1992 27.65 St. Gallen CHE-105.962.220
Dold Group Services AG Wallisellen ZH Ltd 31.08.1999 20.88 St. Gallen CHE-103.422.042
E-C&C Plus AG Herisau AR Ltd 27.04.2006 14.22 St. Gallen CHE-110.515.312
European Fuel Cell Forum AG Adligenswil LU Ltd 03.09.2010 9.87 St. Gallen CHE-115.941.343
FBK Ingenieure und Planer AG Gossau (SG) SG Ltd 05.07.2005 15.03 St. Gallen CHE-112.423.750
Gallenco S.A. St. Gallen SG Ltd 17.05.2010 10.16 St. Gallen CHE-102.579.209
Ganz & Co. AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 12.07.2010 10.01 St. Gallen CHE-105.965.827
Ganz Baumaterial AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 18.06.2015 5.07 St. Gallen CHE-306.565.650
Ganz Verlegearbeiten AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 18.06.2015 5.07 St. Gallen CHE-170.065.927
Gremolith AG Kirchberg (SG) SG Ltd 15.02.2012 8.41 St. Gallen CHE-189.310.508
Grünenfelder und Lorenz AG St. Gallen SG Ltd 16.10.1992 27.76 St. Gallen CHE-107.139.510
Hanimann 3D Messlabor AG Wilen (TG) TG Ltd 02.06.2016 4.12 St. Gallen CHE-199.994.428
Hedy Hasler Fonds St. Gallen SG Foundation 29.12.2014 5.54 St. Gallen CHE-394.457.466
Hugo Leutenegger AG Bettwiesen TG Ltd 31.05.2012 8.12 St. Gallen CHE-110.115.616
IGP Pulvertechnik AG Kirchberg (SG) SG Ltd 18.09.1992 27.84 St. Gallen CHE-102.681.210
Immobilien-AG "Sonnig Hus St. Gallen" St. Gallen SG Ltd 11.10.2011 8.76 St. Gallen CHE-102.334.843
IQAir AG Goldach SG Ltd 03.07.2015 5.03 St. Gallen CHE-108.429.258
JAEGER ARCHITEKTUR AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 22.10.1992 27.74 St. Gallen CHE-102.032.773
Jungwagen von Rotz AG Wil (SG) SG Ltd 04.12.2018 1.61 St. Gallen CHE-278.664.658

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List generated on 13.07.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have TREHAG Treuhand St. Gallen AG recorded as statutory auditor: 14.

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