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Client list for Trewitax Zürich AG (CHE-109.047.735)

Number of clients: 90
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Tenure (Years) Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Algordanza AG Domat/Ems GR Ltd 22.01.2015 5.35 Zürich CHE-112.453.478
Almodòbar AG Zürich ZH Ltd 25.10.2013 6.60 Zürich CHE-100.258.119
ASN, Advisory Services Network AG Zürich ZH Ltd 13.01.2012 8.38 Zürich CHE-107.714.957
Atelier Energiezukunft AG Münchenstein BL Ltd 20.12.2019 0.44 Zürich CHE-196.013.748
Auto-Stadelmann AG Frick AG Ltd 06.11.2014 5.56 Zürich CHE-107.064.869
AVENCO AG Affoltern am Albis ZH Ltd 03.09.2004 15.75 Zürich CHE-101.168.743
Avenir Consulting AG Zürich ZH Ltd 19.06.2007 12.95 Zürich CHE-112.490.551
Avenir Group AG Luzern LU Ltd 08.07.2011 8.90 Zürich CHE-114.623.917
Avenir Management GmbH Luzern LU LLC 20.01.2009 11.36 Zürich CHE-114.670.093
Avenir Operations AG Luzern LU Ltd 01.04.2009 11.17 Zürich CHE-114.791.006
Avenir Services AG Zürich ZH Ltd 23.04.2007 13.11 Zürich CHE-113.574.216
Barrientos Reinigungen GmbH Wettswil am Albis ZH LLC 10.07.2017 2.89 Zürich CHE-172.676.065
BBR Holding AG Zürich ZH Ltd 18.01.2008 12.37 Zürich CHE-103.948.545
BBR VT International AG Schwerzenbach ZH Ltd 02.05.2005 15.08 Zürich CHE-112.332.082
Beat Peter Neeser Stiftung Bern BE Foundation 09.02.2015 5.30 Zürich CHE-223.289.640
Better Diamonds Group AG Zuoz GR Ltd 22.01.2015 5.35 Zürich CHE-115.010.663
Bioengineering AG Wald (ZH) ZH Ltd 29.06.2018 1.92 Zürich CHE-107.854.216
Bioengineering Holding AG Wald (ZH) ZH Ltd 29.06.2018 1.92 Zürich CHE-115.311.969
Bioengineering Immobilien AG Wald (ZH) ZH Ltd 29.06.2018 1.92 Zürich CHE-445.124.362
BMD Systemhaus Schweiz AG Gachnang TG Ltd 12.07.2002 17.89 Zürich CHE-109.661.088
Bonamed AG Dietikon ZH Ltd 24.03.2020 0.18 Zürich CHE-369.513.340
Bulthaup Schweiz AG Küsnacht (ZH) ZH Ltd 13.11.2001 18.55 Zürich CHE-109.367.648
Büro-Meier AG, Zürich Zürich ZH Ltd 28.10.2014 5.59 Zürich CHE-102.113.294
Carhelper AG Zürich ZH Ltd 20.07.2018 1.86 Zürich CHE-168.261.229
Caruso St John Architects AG Zürich ZH Ltd 21.01.2020 0.35 Zürich CHE-493.145.674
ceekon AG Zürich ZH Ltd 11.12.2017 2.47 Zürich CHE-114.720.839
Cornaz AG-Holding Oberrieden ZH Ltd 01.05.2019 1.08 Zürich CHE-102.543.401
Crafft AG Zürich ZH Ltd 03.02.2017 3.32 Zürich CHE-109.569.152
DLF Personal AG Winterthur ZH Ltd 28.07.2016 3.84 Zürich CHE-108.256.667
Dr. Franz Käppeli Stiftung Geltwil AG Foundation 21.12.2012 7.44 Zürich CHE-326.663.422

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List generated on 29.05.2020. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have Trewitax Zürich AG recorded as statutory auditor: 17.

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