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Client list for KPO Revisions GmbH (CHE-113.024.051)

Number of clients: 6
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Blockchains Real Estate AG Attinghausen UR Ltd 25.04.2018 26.01.2022 Zug CHE-112.563.457
Blockchains Swiss Vault Solutions AG Attinghausen UR Ltd 25.04.2018 25.01.2022 Zug CHE-206.493.139
Fairway Family Office AG Zürich ZH Ltd 13.09.2021 03.05.2022 Zug CHE-144.681.492
INOLAWYER AG Zürich ZH Ltd 07.04.2022 07.04.2022 Zug CHE-400.144.836
Promethiem AG Baar ZG Ltd 27.12.2021 22.02.2022 Zug CHE-275.023.457
TONI PIËCH FOUNDATION Zug ZG Foundation 25.04.2022 27.05.2022 Zug CHE-403.542.506

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