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Client list for MG Conseils Sàrl (CHE-114.096.343)

Number of clients: 18
Entity Name Entity Place Entity Canton Legal Form Engagement Start Last SOGC Publication Auditor Place (Branch) UID
Association Espace régional des Pléiades Blonay VD Association 03.09.2021 03.09.2021 Bussigny CHE-138.314.714
Aubep SA Yverdon-les-Bains VD Ltd 06.04.2021 15.09.2021 Bussigny CHE-112.271.724
Café-Restaurant du Débarcadère Sàrl Saint-Sulpice (VD) VD LLC 26.05.2020 26.05.2020 Bussigny CHE-132.790.281
Dana Capital Conseils Sàrl Nyon VD LLC 28.08.2020 30.08.2021 Bussigny CHE-114.123.135
Ed. Chatenoud S.A. Lonay VD Ltd 15.10.2020 15.10.2020 Bussigny CHE-106.974.237
EDIDA SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 13.07.2020 21.06.2021 Bussigny CHE-103.585.483
EDULIS SA Lancy GE Ltd 21.10.2019 04.03.2020 Bussigny CHE-112.194.070
Euro Peixe Sàrl Bussigny VD LLC 22.01.2021 22.01.2021 Bussigny CHE-114.368.470
FdeP Retail Group Holding SA Crissier VD Ltd 18.06.2021 18.06.2021 Bussigny CHE-436.575.286
FIDEXPERT SA Montreux VD Ltd 26.03.2021 26.03.2021 Bussigny CHE-101.510.103
Fidexpert SA Lausanne Lausanne VD Ltd 30.03.2021 30.03.2021 Bussigny CHE-105.868.147
FR Electricité SA Penthaz VD Ltd 15.02.2018 17.05.2021 Bussigny CHE-110.063.899
Images 3 SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 12.07.2021 12.07.2021 Bussigny CHE-115.743.286
Mémoire vive S.A. Lausanne VD Ltd 27.07.2020 28.07.2021 Bussigny CHE-106.283.825
Perspectives Construction SA Nyon VD Ltd 15.01.2021 01.06.2021 Bussigny CHE-245.018.316
Pizzera-Poletti SA Renens (VD) VD Ltd 03.12.1997 20.10.2020 Bussigny CHE-105.976.305
S.I. Maison Vaudoise SA Lausanne VD Ltd 21.07.2021 21.07.2021 Bussigny CHE-100.324.727
Swizma S.A. Vich VD Ltd 28.03.2018 28.03.2018 Bussigny CHE-102.140.546

List generated on 26.09.2021. Number of deleted entities (not included in the list above) which have MG Conseils Sàrl recorded as statutory auditor: 0.