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Core Company Information
Company Name OPES AG
Company UID CHE-102.372.223
Domicile Luzern (LU)
Legal Form Limited corporation
Capital (CHF, nominal / paid up) 500'000 / 500'000 (registered shares)
Status active
Firm Inscription Date 13.09.1976
Firm Deletion Date n/a
Branch offices (2) OPES AG, in Emmen (CHE-416.710.977)
OPES AG, in Zug (CHE-137.828.809)
OPES AG, in Zug (CHE-447.113.211)

This company is an auditor.

Address and Contact Details
Address Theaterstrasse 1
6003 Luzern
Information about this company's auditor
Auditor Name Lienhard Audit AG
Auditor UID (Branch) CHE-139.583.547
Auditor Place (Branch) Zürich
Auditor UID (Head Office) CHE-139.583.547
Auditor RAB-ID 504965
Auditor Permission Type licensed audit expert
FAOA License active
Link to FAOA website View auditor profile at FAOA
Auditor Overall Status OK
Engagement Duration 5.04 years (since 29.06.2015)
Auditor History
Auditor Start End
RWT lic. oec. Rosmarie Waldburger Treuhand, Neuenkirch (CHE-107.424.117 11.04.1997 20.05.2009
RWT lic. oec. Rosmarie Waldburger Treuhand, Neuenkirch (CHE-107.424.117 20.05.2009 11.02.2014
RWT lic. oec. Rosmarie Waldburger Treuhand, Neuenkirch (CHE-107.424.117 11.02.2014 26.09.2014
Lienhard AG Revisions- & Steuerrechtspraxis, Zürich (CHE-102.481.869 26.09.2014 29.06.2015
Lienhard Audit AG, Zürich (CHE-139.583.547 29.06.2015
Meta Information & Actions
Last auditor check 23.08.2018 22:15:39
Last Update of Non-Auditor Information 30.06.2020 20:08:44
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