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Agence Immobilière Bersier & Cie SA

Core Company Information
Company Name Agence Immobilière Bersier & Cie SA
UID CHE-111.754.977
CH-ID CH-660.1.426.004-9
Domicile Lancy (GE)
Legal Form Limited corporation
Capital (nominal / paid up) CHF 400'000 / CHF 400'000 (registered shares)
Status active
Firm Inscription Date 07.07.2004
Address and Contact Details
Address avenue Eugène-Lance 38
1212 Grand-Lancy
Current Statutory Auditor
Auditor Name Bonnefous Audit SA
Auditor UID (Branch) CHE-107.742.480
Auditor Place (Branch) Genève
Auditor UID (Head Office) CHE-107.742.480
Auditor RAB-ID 501065
Auditor Permission Type licensed audit expert
FAOA License active
Link to FAOA website View auditor profile at FAOA
Auditor Overall Status OK

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