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Fact Sheet Trewitax St. Gallen AG

Core Company Information
Company Name Trewitax St. Gallen AG
Company UID CHE-109.857.332
Alternative / previous Names -
Domicile St. Gallen
Canton SG
Legal Form Limited corporation
Firm Inscription Date 27.11.2002
Takeovers: RCR Holding AG (CHE-103.596.009), per 25.06.2009
FAOA Information
FAOA ID 503200
RAB Permission licensed audit expert
FAOA License active
Link to FAOA website View auditor profile at FAOA
Branch offices (0) -
Membership in Associations EXPERTsuisse
Number of auditors with permission 3  (21.33 audit engagements per employee on average)
Auditor Statistics

Average engagement duration: 9.5 years (max.: 28.1 years)

Total number of statutory audit engagements: 64 (Ranked #137 in Switzerland)

Change in number of audit engagements: -1 (since 31.12.2020), -2 (over the last 12 months)

Details regarding the distribution of the audit engagements across legal forms and cantons are depicted in the table below.

Limited corporation   6 4 1 2 1 1 11 2 1 12 3 7 51
Limited liability company               1           1
Foundation 1 2 1         2     3     9
Cooperative                     1     1
Association                         2 2
1 8 5 1 2 1 1 14 2 1 16 3 9 64

This auditor is recorded as statutory auditor for 9 deleted entities. These are not included in the table above.

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Total number of audit engagements across the network: 235

Direct personal relationship:

Further connections:

Latest audit engagements
These are this auditor's latest audit engagements.
Client Name Client UID Domicile Start Date Type of switch Auditor Branch
Schlittler & Co. AG CHE-105.928.536 Schwyz 18.01.2021 Auditor switch St. Gallen
Carrosserie Rheintal AG CHE-206.838.557 Rebstein 12.01.2021 First auditor St. Gallen
Gesundheitszentrum Sokrates AG CHE-101.777.563 Güttingen 04.02.2020 Auditor switch St. Gallen
Memo Treuhand AG CHE-106.519.821 Amriswil 15.01.2020 Auditor switch St. Gallen
ZebaTech Holding AG CHE-375.543.616 Amriswil 20.12.2019 First auditor St. Gallen
Discontinued audit engagements
The following audit engagements were lost recently, either to a competitor, due to auditor resignation or due to an opting out.
Client Name Client UID Domicile End Date Reason Auditor Branch
SER Société d'équipements radiologiques SA CHE-114.050.507 Zug 13.07.2021 Auditor switch St. Gallen
Gesundheitszentrum Sokrates AG CHE-101.777.563 Güttingen 09.07.2021 Auditor switch St. Gallen
Qualicut AG CHE-109.625.572 Volketswil 15.10.2020 Auditor switch St. Gallen
AZA Ausbildungszentren AG CHE-112.681.559 Thal 17.07.2020 Opting-out St. Gallen
Schweizerisches Kurant Institut AG CHE-113.616.056 Zürich 14.02.2020 Opting-out St. Gallen